Carnal Offensive Army Pants

Carnal Offensive Army Pants from

By:  10/19/2016
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Love the look of leather trousers but don't want anything to hold you back from moving freely when you're dancing or taking to the field? The Leather Army Pants are the perfect solution! While these pants are made from the finest buttery soft genuine leather, they have a more relaxed fit than most leather trousers for easier movement. Elastic bands in the cuffs make the Army Pants comfortable to wear with tall boots, and the pants come with belt loops for accessorizing. Large cargo pockets are positioned on the outsides of each thigh, and there are flap pockets in the back for added storage possibilities. The pants are made to measure, so you can specify the waist size and length that you prefer when you place your order.

Keywords: Leather Pants,, leathergloves,

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