TD-LTE Ecosystem Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 - 2021

By: Persistence Market Research Pvt. Ltd  07/23/2015
Keywords: TD-LTE Ecosystem Market

Driven by the technology’s lower deployment costs and spectrum availability, TD-LTE refers to Time-division Long-Term Evolution. It is a 4G telecommunications technology and standard created by coalition of international companies. TD-LTE offers higher downlink and uplink rate as compared with LTE-FDD. Buy Full Report: The telecommunication industry experienced multiple key TD-LTE network deployments over the past three years namely Sprint in the US, Bharti Airtel in India and SoftBank in Japan. Softbank network is the most complex commercial TD-LTE network in the world at present. Through its commercial network deployment, TD-LTE networks have been effectively authenticated within all network settings for commercial launch. In Tokyo, Japan, in spite of the urban overcrowding and complex networking scenario, TD-LTE vendors have came-up with a micro-cellular solution, having station distance of 100-200 meters. It has effectively resolved the problems associated with coverage in a dense urban space and complex networking environment. Over 60 operators are dedicated to deploy TD-LTE networks across the world such as Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., ZTE and Nokia Networks B.V. among others. Additionally, all prominent device OEMs, counting smartphone leaders Apple Inc. and Samsung group, have launched TD-LTE compatible devices commercially. Major number of these devices supports both TDD and FDD modes of operation over broad frequency spectrum. Additionally, the recent launch of TD-LTE network by China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC) is expected to allow the TD-LTE ecosystem to reach a significant level of economy of scale by boosting device and infrastructure investments in TD-LTE technology. Additionally, this TD-LTE network by CMCC is expected to be comprised of 500,000 base stations in operation till the end of 2014.

Keywords: TD-LTE Ecosystem Market

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