What is Economic Citizenship?

What is Economic Citizenship? from Saintluciaeconomiccitizenship

By: Saintluciaeconomiccitizenship  06/21/2016
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There are number of investment immigration programs which have been launched from time to time by the various countries around the world for the purpose of attracting the international investments for economic development and providing the citizenship and various benefits in return to the foreign investors. Economic Citizenship provides innumerable benefits to the elite individuals who acquire the citizenship or permanent residency in a country other than his home country on account of the financial investment in the second country contributing to its economic development. Benefits in acquiring Second Citizenship There are substantial advantages in acquiring the second citizenship as it allows the investors to gain access to the investment market of the foreign country. 1. Along with that there is a provision for citizenship by investment programs that are offered by various countries that provide tax exemptions to the foreign investors who are successful in securing the second citizenship in the country of their choice. 2. Also all the economic citizen programs allows the international investor to accompany his spouse and the family dependents who are children to the host country. 3. These programs are aimed at high net worth individuals and those who are looking for protection for themselves and their families as they will be provided with the safety and flexibility and opportunity to make offshore investments forrealizing their business plans. 4. However investors who are looking for the Citizen ship by Investment programs can apply for this opportunity under the strict guidelines and the provisions and regulations which have been laid by the host country. 5. If you are looking for investment immigration program, the first thing you need to find about it is whether it is a legitimate investment immigration program or not. How to apply? 1. Applications for the second citizenship cannot be submitted directly to the citizen by investment unit of the concerned country without the assistance of the authorized agent. 2. Look for highly qualified, experienced and licensed agents who will be helping you out in providing information and filing the application form for the investment immigration program in the chosen country. 3. If a citizen will have two or more passports, he will be able to travel between the home country and the other country frequently and it will be saving his time and efforts in the cumbersome procedure of processing visa applications. 4. Thus the second citizenship will provide a wealthy businessman with the opportunities to make international investments and will provide him visa free status to certain countries enabling his safe and secure travel around the world. Look for the investment immigration program that best suits you. There are many investment immigration and residency program consultants that will be helping you to secure second passport and there are many licensed operators that are present in all the countries helping you out in case you are looking for the cheapest citizenship by investment program or you want to buy a luxurious villa in an idyllic location you can analyze the provision for second citizenship offered by various countries and choose the one that best fits your requirements.

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