Start connecting the dots with Tricklar

Start connecting the dots with Tricklar from Tricklar

By: Tricklar  08/22/2014
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Tricklar has been designed to be more than just a news aggregator that simply puts a heap of feeds together without any purpose or structure. In today’s modern world, there is far too much noise coming from a variety of online sources which distracts from the primary purpose of becoming informed of the latest news and trends ASAP. There are too many biased viewpoints and hidden agenda’s concealed in the overwhelming amount of content available at the click of a button, and as such everything is read with reservations. Tricklar news seeks to overcome these obstacles by distinguishing the news from the noise and lets the words tell the story. This is accomplished by hand picking quality sources, giving them structure and organisation through locality and content, then linking them together through word association. The result, takes the user on a unique journey by giving the user the power to essentially choose their own adventure.

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