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By: ACU TCM  05/06/2016
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Acupuncture Therapy is an alternative affordable treatment for Whiplash which is a condition that is mostly related with car accidents, it is caused by falls, physical assault, and car accidents or physical and sporting activities. Although the term is not medically recognized, it is a term used in describing the damage done to the neck’s soft tissue. This usually connotes cuts in the muscles, ligaments, and/or tendons and on few instances, spine’s misalignment. This result in muscle spasms, the pain felt in the movement which causes pain when touched. Muscle relaxants, pain medications and chiropractic’s are traditional treatments for such conditions; however, acupuncture is gradually gaining grounds as a preferred and effective treatment due to its naturalness and effectiveness. Whiplash usually occurs when the head receives a pull or push that causes a shift in the normal neck position. the whipping action made by the head when a person in a car is rear-ended or a player on a football pitch being blind-sided are instances of how this can occur. The pains are sometimes felt instantly, sending the muscles immediately into spasm. Other instances, the occurrence of whiplash can cause an instant painless movement of the vertebrae, however, pain is later felt after few weeks in an attempt for the spine to get back into the alignment.

Keywords: Whiplash

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