By: Cactus Ventures LLC  06/09/2015

PRE-AUCTION ANALYSIS - Keep track of all upcoming auctions in a calendar interface - Get sale lists and complete property research - Model potential performance through “what if” scenarios and create bid lists with the desired bidding scenarios - Once acquired, move the tax lien record into your active portfolio with a click of a button – no double entry! TAX LIEN SERVICING PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND SHARING - Separate data across different lien holders. - Manage an unlimited number of tax lien certificates. - Follow the tax lien cycle from acquisition to redemption, assignment, bankruptcy, or foreclosure. - Organize tax lien certificates in the ways that make sense to you - in as many different portfolios as you like. - Create an unlimited number of view-only shared links of a single certificate, an individual portfolio, or your entire lien holdings for the purposes of reporting or assignment. ANALYTICS AND MODELING - Real-time performance calculations show you the precise value of an individual certificate or an entire portfolio at any time. - Use date range parameters to zoom-in a particular time period. - More than a dozen different charts and graphs help you visually understand exactly how your portfolio is performing. - Modeling enables you to perform what-if scenarios before you go to auction; know how different bids affect ROI. FORECLOSURE AND BANKRUPTCY - Manage your entire Foreclosure Process with a list of actions and due dates. - Allow your foreclosure attorney to update the status of the Foreclosure process with easy on-screen updates. - Keep track of all expenses associated with Foreclosure Process.

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