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By: Diefenbach Law Firm PLLC  07/28/2014
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I. What You Can Expect From Us The prospect of divorce, and the prospect of not being with your children on a daily basis is heart-wrenching. Therefore, choosing the right lawyer, or sometimes changing your current lawyer, can be a daunting task. As there is often a great demand for our legal services, it is important that we both take the time during the interviewing process to make sure that there is compatibility on both sides and that we are confident we will meet your expectations. Once you commit to us by way of a written Retainer Agreement which is mandatory under New York law, then you can be certain that we will commit our full resources, technology, and staff to giving you the name and reputation of Diefenbach, PLLC. During your initial phone call, you will speak not with a staff member at our firm, but with an attorney who will take down basic information about your case. This helps us evaluate whether we can properly handle your case, and cross-check with our existing cases to make sure there is no conflict of interest in representing you. II. Your First Meeting With Us Your first meeting will always be with Gordon Diefenbach personally, which we can most often schedule the next day, and in some emergency situations such as child abduction or the need for orders of protection, we may be able to see you the same day that you call. For more information on Gordon Diefenbach and family court, visit our page on “New York Family Court Lawyers” here. III. See Other Lawyers Who you choose as your attorney is one of the biggest decisions you will make and we therefore urge you to see at least two or three different attorneys in their offices before making the final decision. If yours is not an amicable split and legal proceedings have been started by your spouse secretly and behind your back, which is possible for certain ex parte applications, whether you realize it or not this is one of the most dangerous moments in your divorce or child custody matter. You will be surprised to find that retainer fees run the gamut based on the quality, experience, and reputation of the attorneys you interview. The decision of who you hire should ultimately be based on factors such as years of experience, educational background, whether the attorney has top-100 law firm experience in the past before creating his private practice, the infrastructure of the firm, such as computers, technology, data storage and speed, access to legal search engines such as Westlaw ™ and LexisNexis ™, location, and quality of the law firm itself. At the Diefenbach firm, we believe we have all of these qualifications. With every prospective client, we truly are there to strive for compatibility with you and to resolve your family law issues expeditiously, ethically, and cost-efficiently. Our firm is known primarily for its strong litigation practice. You need to find a law firm that has the litigation background and experience so that it is at the ready. We wish you the best of luck and do look forward to seeing you in our offices.

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