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By: NYC Hypnotherapy  04/14/2015
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What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a technique which allows to directly influence the subconscious. By this means it is possible to achieve changes in a permanent form (often much faster than with conventional methods). The subconscious is a place where all information about our past, all our emotions and all automatic reactions, like heartbeat and breathing are stored, processed and the corresponding reactions are caused. It is able to store and process much more information than our conscious. That's why permanent changes normally can only be achieved by accessing or at least including the subconscious. You should only trust a qualified person for this. Insist on verifying the education and training of a hypnosis therapist, his/her psychological knowledge and naturally his/her experience. What can be changed with hypnosis? Hypnosis therapy can help with the following, among many other situations: • Having trouble to sleep • losing weight with lasting results • overcoming fears and blockades • quit smoking • Depressions and mental upset, sorrow and hopelessness • overcoming fears of exams or speech blockades • overcoming fear of flying • coping with stress, reducing stress and helpig with burnout • helping to stop bed wetting • stopping undesired habits, like for example nail chewing • sessions about child wishes • psychological support for: o Cancer (pain, nausea, psychological factors) o Chronical diseases (multiple sclerosis, asthma, rheumatism) and other autoimmune diseases aswell as o Pain How does hypnosis work? Hypnosis is no magic. The task of the hypnosis therapist is to find a way from the conscious directly into the subconscious, making it possible to influence the latter in a permanent way. What is the sensation of being submitted to hypnosis? Many people believe hypnosis was like some kind of sleeping state. But that's wrong. You're not sleeping. It's the opposite, your mind is completely awake. After hypnosis you will remember very well everything that happened during the session. Imagine you were watching something very exciting on television. If it's really exciting, you won't notice your surroundings anymore, almost everything that might happen around you won't matter anymore. You could reach the phone, but won't do it (unless it is something very important that you've been waiting for). Your body is influenced by what you see. It could be relaxing, or very exciting, with shiver, like a good thriller. You know that it is „only“ a movie, but your body and your mind react as if it was real. That's more or less how it feels to be submitted to hypnosis. You remain responsible for yourself during the whole session and no hypnosis therapist will ever be able or willing to try and attend anything against your moral or ethnic convictions. You have questions? Call your hypnosis therapist or write to her. She will do her best to answer your questions. [email protected] www.nychyposis.us

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