Overcoming fear of flying and other phobias with hypnosis

By: NYC Hypnotherapy  04/14/2015
Keywords: Counseling And Therapy, Anxiety, Grief Counseling

You think about a flight, be it to go on holidays or on work and you feel accelerated heart beat, nausea, dizziness, start to sweat or shake or feel your mouth get dry? Than you very likely suffer from phobia of flying (Aviophobia). The symptoms of fear during a flight may vary from simple indisposition to massive panic attacks. Often only 2 hypnosis sessions are sufficient to reach long lasting improvements. It is logically also possible to overcome other phobias with the aid of hypnosis, like for example the fear of spiders. A view, that doesn't result in holiday joy for some people. Fear of flying can be a real problem. And for some people, who need flying as part of their job, it can be a real issue in their life. Hypnosis can help with this. The roots of many fears are located in ancient mechanisms of reaction that we have inherited from our past. Many of them can be influenced by hypnosis. As for example the fear of spiders.

Keywords: Anxiety, Counseling And Therapy, Grief Counseling, Panik attacks, Phobia, Therapy For Depression,

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