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Divorce Mediation from Pacific Atlantic Mediation

By: Pacific Atlantic Mediation  05/19/2014
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Pacific Atlantic Mediation facilitates the resolution of divorce, separation and family related issues in an economical and expedient manner. Divorce and separation present important issues to be resolved together with the attendant emotional impact on the splitting couple. Mediation offers an opportunity to engage in a productive dialogue with the goal of reaching a final agreement. Most litigated divorces never go to trial. Rather, they end up with attorney-crafted agreements in which the parties often have little actual input. The mediators at Pacific Atlantic Mediation believe that it’s best for the individuals to reach their own workable agreement before burning through tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees. Separation and divorce agreements often span decades covering a broad range of significant financial and parenting issues. Pacific Atlantic believes that any separation/divorce agreement must be structured to accommodate all of the needs of a dissolving couple. The Pacific Atlantic mediators understand the need to spend time closely analyzing any proposed agreement to make sure that it withstands reality testing. Pacific Atlantic is well-equipped to assist splitting couples in reaching separation/divorce agreements that work. Pacific Atlantic maintains dedicated offices and conference rooms in downtown Manhattan (NY) and Manhattan Beach (CA). Additionally, Pacific Atlantic has access to other mediation facilities throughout the Los Angeles and New York metropolitan areas. Pacific Atlantic offers evening appointments to accommodate work schedules. Pacific Atlantic Mediation provides an efficient, economical and expedient manner in which to assist separating couples to successfully move through the divorce process. Call now for a complimentary initial consultation to determine whether mediation serves your particular needs.

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