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By: Stenhouse, Corp.  03/28/2014
Keywords: Organizational Development, Management Training, Educational Service

Teacher Training/ Development Teacher training is a crucial component of student learning and general school effectiveness. Less general, teaching quality and school leadership are the most important factors in raising student achievement. For teachers and school and district leaders to be as effective as possible, they must continually expand their knowledge and skills to implement the best educational practices. Educators learn to help students learn at the highest levels. School management School administrators set the tone and culture of a school, revealed a study spearheaded by Educators for Excellence in 2012. Teachers are better able to help students when they have real support from their administrators, and this support takes a variety of forms. When administrators fail to provide support, teachers feel the consequences and, ultimately, students feel it as well. In fact, administrators are the biggest factor in teachers’ decisions to leave their schools – and leave teaching altogether. Curriculum development Teachers utilize curricula when deciding what to teach their students and when, as well as what assessments and rubrics should be, what kind of worksheets they should make, among other things. It is up to teachers themselves how these assessments, worksheets and rubrics should be made made and taught. In a practical understanding, though, there is no concrete way to say what methodology is right to utilize. But it is also true that the way in which a certain topic is taught habitually resolves what is actually taught. For this reason, it is required to make a distinction between the official or planned curriculum and the mandated curriculum: the one that is formal and the one that is actually taught in schools. Education Consulting General Academic Consulting Academic consulting is available for all cohorts in all subject areas, especially in reading and mathematics, but also in the sciences and language. Response to intervention consulting is also available on a need basis. Technology and Evaluation Services These services may include student tailored evaluation services, training for schools and families, system customization, direct consultation to the Stenhouse team, collaboration with educational team in modifying the curriculum to meet the student’s academic needs, training and support generating individualized goals and objectives, training on the development of individualized, skill based data collection methods utilizing the latest technology and SMART board training as a tool to develop reading, writing and communication skills including language acquisition. Vocational Skills Consulting services are available for new and existing vocational programs (e.g. polytechnics and community training organizations) in all areas including, student-focused planning, student development, program structure, interagency collaboration and family involvement. Behavior Intervention Behavior intervention consulting is provided to staff, administrators an families. These services include functional behavior assessments and intervention plans. Special Needs These services support key educational program components, including student evaluation, IEP development and review, curriculum, in-class and home instructional activities, methods and environments, transition planning, community and involvement and support, specialized staff training and overall program evaluation, review and monitoring.

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