EDI 5010

EDI 5010 from Vee Technologies

By: Vee Technologies  01/20/2015
Keywords: Electronic Data Interchange, EDI 5010

EDI has become one of the more powerful strategic business tools available to the industry because of the cost savings and relationship-building benefits it generates. The competitive advantage of freeing up important staff member's time to focus on your core business is undeniable. Vee Technologies EDI 5010 services include: 1. Ability to send and receive your internal proprietary formats for ALL documents (single pipeline for ALL data) regardless of its origin or format. 2. Customized mapping to your trading partners specifications. 3. EDI to FAX document processing. 4. Fax (form) to EDI conversion. 5. Conversion from your internal codes to EDI standard value. For more details, visit: http://www.veetechnologies.com/

Keywords: EDI 5010, Electronic Data Interchange,

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