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By: Weight Loss Clinic: Dr. Vadim Surikov  09/02/2015
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Why Choose a Medical Weight Loss Program Over Over-The-Counter Weight Loss Products? Go through the grocery store or pharmacy aisle and you’ll find a myriad of weight loss products that promise outstanding, fast results, but how beneficial are these weight loss products in actuality? While some individuals have had great results, a common issue among those who use these methods is rapid weight loss that’s difficult to maintain. This is an issue that medical weight treatments seek to correct. Instead of taking medications and diet pills, this form of weight loss focuses on the true cause of weight gain and provides you with healthy diet and exercise plans designed to help you to effectively and permanently lose the weight. Additionally, these medical weight loss New York NY programs provide you with the expertise and guidance of an actual physician who will closely supervise your progress and help you to adjust your diet plan as needed in order to guarantee safe, healthy results. What is Medical Weight Loss? Medical weight loss differs from other methods of weight loss in that it strives to address the root cause of a person’s weight gain. Since the end desired result is weight that comes off and stays off, physicians have found that diet changes and improved exercise regimens can be far more effective than diet pills and painful surgeries. These weight loss programs, unlike non-medical methods, actually help to change the patient’s outlook on nutrition and their overall health so as to help them to adjust their lifestyle in such a way as to facilitate the changes necessary to lose the weight and to make better long-term diet choices. How to Find the Right Weight Loss Programs and Weight Loss Doctor Once you’ve narrowed down your search to fully licensed, professional medical weight loss New York NY physicians, you’ll want to hone in even further on those doctors who will be most likely to provide you with positive results at a price you can afford. First, see what kind of patient reviews you can find. Word of mouth is a powerful testimony so make sure to ask friends or family if they know of anyone who they would recommend as a weight loss professional. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re selecting an affordable program so that you’ll be able to stick with it until completion. Ask about the cost of any supplements, foods, etc. that the clinic will provide. Don’t find yourself caught unawares by a sudden cost or expense you didn’t expect. Additionally, request a free consultation if possible. Many offices are more than willing to provide potential patients with a complimentary consultation prior to any treatment.

Keywords: Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Clinic New York NY

Dr. Vadim Surikov owns and operates a weight loss clinic in New York NY. Dr. Surikov provides a weight loss program that helps patients achieve their ideal weight without hunger. Call (347) 599-9118 to schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Vadim Surikov provides medical weight loss services at his weight loss clinic in New York, NY. Call 347-599-9118 today for an appointment.