Intelligent-networks Press Release marketing for your Small Business Growth

Intelligent-networks Press Release marketing for your Small Business Growth from

By:  03/11/2016
Keywords: Press Release Writing, Seo Press Release

If you are a small business owner then you have already had the discussion with yourself as to how hard could it be to run a small business? By now you also have realized that that was a loaded question, and have pulled out your hair trying to get people to your site. This is the bad news, the good news is that we are going to tell you that if done correctly there is a cost effective method to marketing your business that will bring people to your business or site. The secret to your success is press release marketing. A press release is unique in the fact that you will be able to submit it to several sites and increase your exposure on the web. A news release can help your business get publicity on the web through many outlets simultaneously with search engines, blogs, social communities and third party websites. professional writers can develop a compelling press release that is news worthy to help you attract new business, as well as engage and retain existing customers with brand loyalty. Once you have approved your news release, we will distribution the news through a large press release network, including major news sites and 30,000 journalists and bloggers. The news release marketing process entails using multiple news networks simultaneously in a multi-channel approach. Relying on a single news network we have found is not nearly as effective as tapping into our relations with several news networks. News Release Marketing Options At we have two options for news release marketing: Basic News Release Marketing This option uses free news networks, distributes through social communities, blogs, third party websites, generates inbound links to your website and we can track the popularity of the release to report how many websites are picking up the news release. Premium Press Release Marketing This option has a very significant reach, a fast reach and generates exposure with tier 1 websites. Keyword links to your website to boost search engine rankings Ability to embed images that show your business, your merchandise, and more Ability to add video to your releases Personalized RSS feed within your release, so your readers can subscribe to your news Major search engines – Google, Yahoo!, Bing Major online news sites Premium news outlets such as USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post and more through the Associated Press More than 250,000 news subscribers and 30,000+ journalists and bloggers Targeted distribution: you choose 10 industries and 5 regions you want to reach Link to your actual website within the release File attachments: add documents, photos, presentations, whatever helps you tell your story “ShareThis” button makes it easy for readers to send your news to others through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Technorati, Digg, LinkedIn, and more Custom URLs for better search engine results Contact us at so we can further assess your specific needs.

Keywords: Press Release Writing, Seo Press Release



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