By: Codewalla  05/27/2015
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PAINT IN SOUND! DOODLE IN MUSIC! There are plenty of drawing apps. There are plenty of music apps. This is the first ever app that lets you make music from what you draw. You're a conductor with a paintbrush, an artist painting with a baton. It's an App-Age artistic medium and a mesmerizing new form of entertainment. COMPOSE WITH A SWIPE OF YOUR FINGER! Click on the keyboard tab, pick a color/musical note, then draw. Or paint. Or scribble. When one of the animated trackers crosses the color, it plays that note. You can create your own custom trackers, and assign them to various musical instruments. You can control the tempo and volume of your trackers independently. Use them to create simple catchy tunes, complex orchestrations, or free-floating soundscapes. USE UP TO 127 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS! You get five instruments for free, but you can add up to 122 additional instruments to your composer workspace with in-app purchases of just $0.99 per instrument. All instruments are free for playback, so your friends can enjoy all your creations just by downloading the free HueTunes app. SHARE YOUR CREATIONS WITH YOUR FRIENDS! - Images that are addictive to create and captivating to watch AND hear - No musical or art talent required, yet expressive enough for talent to shine - Create and playback HueTunes pieces on either iPhone or iPad - Email your pieces to your friends directly from the app HueTunes - Pure synesthetic bliss!

Keywords: Developer

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