Laboratory Hotplates/Stirrers. A Guide

Laboratory Hotplates/Stirrers. A Guide from LabEquipmentDepot

By: LabEquipmentDepot  02/17/2015
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Among the most required tools of the qualitative or quantitative laboratory are Hotplates, Stirrers and a combination of Hotplate/Stirrer. Usually these instruments are affordable, reliable and easy to use. A magnetic Hotplate/Stirrer uses a rotating magnetic field, that causes a stir bar to spin thereby mixing a solution. In the lab a container with the liquid to be stirred is placed on the ceramic or metal top (plate) of the Hotplate/Stirrer. The stirring speed and the desired temperature is selected either by a digital readout or with a manual knob on the instrument front panel and stirring and heating is begun. Temperatures from ambient (room) to 550 degrees C may be achieved and stirring speeds from 100 to 1500 rpm are possible.

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