Types of Cotton Sweatpants for Men

By: Just Sweatshirts  05/21/2016
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When Le Coq Sport if produced a knitted jersey that allowed athletes to stretch and run with comfort, they probably had no idea where their invention would be almost a century later. Few clothes have gained as much popularity and acceptance as the humble sweatpants from 1920. Though initially designed for athletes, their comfort and cosiness made them popular with everybody.

Despite their utility and comfort, they also acquired the unreasonable stigma of being ‘lazy’ and ‘defeatist.’ Yet, even the harshest critics would admit that while they would never wear them in public, sweatpants were undeniably the most comfortable clothing they love to wear in the morning. It was nothing short of a fashion faux pas to be seen wearing sweatpants outside the home, akin to wearing swimming trunks to the office.

Over the years, some of these perceptions have changed. Today, a pair of sweatpants is a common garment of choice at home or in an informal gathering of intimate friends. It is as functional in the gym as it is watching television on a couch.

The best sweatpants are knitted from cotton, the quintessential comfort fabric. They often use heavy threads, providing insulation and warmth to the wearer. Their designed have developed subtle variations and now a few distinct types of cotton sweatpants are available.

Open Bottom Jersey Pants are perhaps the most common style seen today. They usually come with an elastic waistband. Large pockets and a loose fit are features that separate them from the other types. The closed bottom variant is also quite popular. These sweatpants are not strictly designed for the gym or working out. They are, however, perfect for relaxing.

Compression Pants and Tights offer a tight fit that some prefer when working out. These often come in bolder prints and colours as well. Their defining characteristic is a form hugging fit along the leg. The tight fit also ensures that they do not hinder movement, allowing for comfort in fast paced physical activity.

Three-Quarter Tights are an increasingly common sight in gyms and parks. Few men can carry it off with confidence. But those that flaunt them find both comfort and style in these new age sweatpants.

Capro Sweatpants are essentially the male version of Capri pants, albeit with a few alterations. Unlike three-quarter tights or Capri pants, they have a slightly loose fit.

Jogger Pants are sweatpants designed specifically for jogging. They can also provide some level of comfort in the gym. Modern Jogger pants often feature a secure pocket for carrying phones instead of large loose pockets.

Workout Sweatpants are perfect for the gym. They are loose and absorb moisture without feeling overly heavy.

Tear-away Sweatpants are a departure from traditional sweatpants, but can be useful for some wearers. They are designed to fill a purpose rather than to simply provide comfort.

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