Classic Miracle Frooties Miracle Fruit tablets - Highest Quality & All Natural products

Classic Miracle Frooties Miracle Fruit tablets - Highest Quality & All Natural products from MiracleFruitHut

By: MiracleFruitHut  12/27/2014
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Classic Miracle Frooties™ Miracle Fruit Tablets are the Original Miracle fruit tablet brand, made of the highest quality miracle berries, For the most convenient and inexpensive way to experience the All Natural Miracle Fruit! Made with over 8 years Research & Development to create the best miracle fruit experience before evem going live on the Market they have been constantly improved to provide the most luxurious miracle berry experience. Each box contains 10 Miracle berry tablets of the highest quality extract of Miracle Fruit from freshly picked miracle berries which are all Non-GM grown. Each Classic tab contains 3 Miracle Berries worth inside for 3x Strength. Miracle Frooties are THE ORIGINAL miracle fruit tablets worldwide. They are all Natural, contain no colorants or preservatives and are the only brand of tablets made according to HACCP & ISO Food safety standards, Others are not! (See our certificiates). The Other difference is our tablets have 0% fat, last longer, use NO CORNSTARCH and have had long development to provide the best and purest miracle fruit experience for the customer. We also provide 2 size tablets and numerous products in the range! Make Lemons Taste like gorgeous Lemonade, Squeeze Lemons into Soda Water and enjoy the most amazing Lemonade! Guiness Like Chocolate Milkshake & Your favourite fresh berries like strawberries tasting sensationally beautifully sweet, Make Fruits Taste Like Candy and Appetise Endless Sour Foods and drinks bringing out natural flavor notes that cause the taste buds to explore further and be fascinated. Also makes some Bitter favors palatable! (but not all). WHY TO CHOOSE MIRACLE FROOTIES? - 10 Tablets per Pack - Perfect for "Flavor Tripping" parties, dining events, family events and for attracting new business to a company. A real memorable product creating memories and is a huge talking point. - The Miracle Berry As seen on CNN, FOX NEWS, CBS, CSI, The Doctors, Dr OZ, BBC, E4, The New York Times, Qi, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Sky One and many other Popular media outlets. - Highest Quality - Only tablet brand to be ISO 22000:2005 Food safety Standard certified & HACCP Certified - 100% Organic Production of Miracle Fruit (no use of pesticides, herbicides or other harmful substances) - Only brand with a Shelf life of 1.5-2 years - Each Large Miracle Frootie serving contains 3 Miracle Berries worth inside each tablet so you get 3x Strength of pure and high quality miracle fruit experience.

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