By: HEARINC - Berlin  09/19/2016
Keywords: Hearing, Audiology, Hearing Tests

The Esteem Implant Esteem works with your ear's anatomy to let sound in the way nature intended. There are no microphones to distort conversations or amplify wind. And there is nothing in your ear canal to block sound's natural path. Instead, the device's three components work together with your ear to deliver Esteem's natural hearing. Esteem Sensor Esteem Sound Processor Esteem Driver Esteem's Natural Hearing Sound enters your outer ear and funnels down your ear canal causing your eardrum to vibrate. All as it naturally would. The Esteem Sensor then converts the vibrations into electrical signals that are sent to the implanted Esteem Sound Processor. The Esteem Sound Processor receives, adjusts and intensifies the signals to fit your unique hearing needs. The Esteem Driver translates these customized signals to intensified vibrations. The vibrations are transferred to the inner ear where the cochlea cells are stimulated, causing you to hear more natural sound. The Personal Programmer lets you make adjustments for the specific hearing situation.

Keywords: Audiology, Esteem, Hearing, Hearing Aid Repair, Hearing Impaired, Hearing Tests

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