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By: HEARINC - Berlin  09/19/2016
Keywords: Audiology, digital hearing aids, Hearing Tests

What is Looping? Looping is a simple technology that allows hearing devices to serve as wireless loudspeakers, delivering clear, sharp, customized sound while reducing background noise. It can be adapted to use in large public spaces, such as airports and theatres, but can be just as easily installed in churches, drive-up business windows—even in a single room at home How to Use Induction Looping When a visitor with a hearing aid sees the Hearing Induction Loop logo sign in your establishment he or she simply activates the t-coil switch or button on their hearing aid. Instantly, your patron will be able to hear clearly, streamed directly through their hearing aid without distraction from background noise. This creates an easier way to communicate with professionals, listen to conferences, or enjoy live entertainment. Why Hearing Aids Aren't Enough Today's digital hearing aids enhance hearing in conversational settings. Yet for many people with hearing loss the sound becomes unclear when auditorium or TV loudspeakers are at a distance, when the context is noisy, or when room acoustics reverberate sound. A hearing loop magnetically transfers the microphone or TV sound signal to hearing aids and cochlear implants that have a tiny, inexpensive "telecoil" (t-coil) receiver. This transforms the instruments into in-the-ear loudspeakers that deliver sound customized for one's own hearing loss.

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