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By: Honghai Pump Co., Ltd  12/30/2014
Keywords: Gear Pump

Honghai Pump Ltd suggests the following selection principle, based on the specific mode of operation as below: First, understand the principles of pump selection 1. Selecting pump type and performance in order to meet the requirements means those like flow, head, pressure, temperature, flow cavitation, suction and other process parameters. 2. Must meet the requirements of the liquids properties. Based on the specific mode of operation for the transportation of flammable, explosive and toxic or valuable liquids, it requires reliable leak-free seal pump, such as: Magnetic drive pumps, diaphragm pumps, shielding pumps, pumps for conveying corrosive liquids, require the use of corrosion-resistant material convection parts, such as stainless steel corrosion resistant pumps, CQF plastic magnetic drive pumps. As for medium for conveying solid particles, it requires convective component wear-resistant material, the use of clean liquid seal with flush when necessary. 3. High mechanical reliability, low noise, small vibration. 4. The economy should be considered the lowest total cost of equipment costs, operating costs, maintenance costs and management fees. 5. Centrifugal pump with a high speed, small size, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, simple structure, no pulse infusion, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance. Based on the specific requirements for lift operation, traffic is very small and there is no appropriate low flow high head centrifugal pumps can be used, the choice is better with reciprocating pump, such as when cavitation is also less demanding optional vortex pump, head low, the flow is large, the choice of axial and mixed flow pumps. Larger medium viscosity (greater than 650 ~ 1000mm2 / s), can be considered optional or reciprocating pump, rotor pump, gear pump, and screw pump. When medium containing 75% air flow is small and the viscosity of less than 37.4mm2 / s, vortex pump can be used. Priming the pump for start-frequent or inconvenient occasions, should be used with self-priming pump performance, such as: self-priming centrifugal pump, and self-priming vortex pump. There are more suggestions. In the near future, we will update.

Keywords: Gear Pump

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