Jump-Vent: The Next Great Carpet Installation Tool

Jump-Vent: The Next Great Carpet Installation Tool from SEI/Jump Vent

By: SEI/Jump Vent  04/03/2016
Keywords: Carpet Installation, Carpet Repair, Carpet Repairs

Cleveland, Ohio April 4, 2016 Sorbin Enterprises, Inc., has introduced the Jump Vent carpet tool which was invented out of necessity. Michael Sorbin the inventor of Jump Vent said “I don’t remember how many times I was on a job and there was some obstacle or door space that my power stretcher could not fit against the wall because of them. I would always complain to my helper that someone should invent a carpet accessory tool for the power stretcher that would solve this problem.” Realizing nobody was about to do it, he enlisted the aid of Jack Petrash, who owns an industrial machine shop, Industrial Resources, Inc. Through trial and error, they came up with a working prototype. After six months in the field Sorbin said “This tool is remarkable. It has made my work more do able, more efficient and made me look more professional. The comments and compliments I’ve received from my customers about Jump Vent are encouraging beyond what I could have imagined.” From apprehension to being convinced that it could do and be a part of a normal day of installation and repair has been proven. Jump Vent can be seen at www.jumpvent.com.

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