Marijuana Charges

By: Joslyn Law Firm  06/15/2016
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Marijuana use is hardly a new concept. Humans have used it for over five millennia, and almost half of the United States’ adult population has tried it. Still, marijuana is strictly prohibited under the law. Where law enforcement can find an offender, the pursuit, arrest, charge and/or conviction will be relentless. Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) has many terms and is also known as bud, weed, chronic, gangster, grass, hash, herb, kief, mary jane, pot, reefer, grass, nugget, skunk, dank, ganja and hashish. Marijuana (spelled “marihuana” under Ohio state law) is an illegal drug in Ohio and depending on an alleged offender’s charges, can incur very harsh penalties. Whether you have been charged with marijuana possession, manufacturing cannabis, marijuana cultivation, cannabis distribution, marijuana transportation, cannabis trafficking, or possession of marijuana paraphernalia in Columbus, Ohio contact an experienced marijuana criminal defense attorney to discuss your case today, or read about marijuana frequently asked questions for answers to your questions.

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