See Lineage Brewing Like Never Before

See Lineage Brewing Like Never Before from Pure Equity Group

By: Pure Equity Group  12/28/2015
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Over the weekend, the owners of Lineage Brewery opened their doors to Pure Equity Group to showcase the new three-dimensional listing technology we offer to our Clintonville Real Estate clients. Pure Equity Group recently took a big step forward and invested in the latest photography equipment to provide the most efficient and profitable way to sell a home. Buyers are currently spending many hours physically touring homes. This technology allows us to flip that equation and deliver these home tours to the buyer in the most convenient way...on their couch. Lineage Brewery was the perfect setting to put this state of the art, three-dimensional technology on display.

Why Lineage? It's all about the detail. The wood from the maple and pine tables and bar tops came from bowling alley lanes found in Lexington, KY (you can see the arrows and dots). The tap handles were crafted from ash wood by the dean of the School of Design Arts at the Columbus College of Art and Design. The concrete color was selected to echo that of a deep lager. It is truly an awesome place to get a pint and this camera was able to capture those details, giving the user complete control of what they see, by the swipe of a finger.

With so many real estate websites, seventy-four percent of buyers are using the internet as the method by which they search for potential homes. It's time for Clintonville Real Estate to be on the forefront of home buying and selling technology.

From the listing side, this technology delivers a product that qualifies the buyer before they step foot into the property. The biggest complaint sellers have is the hassle of showing their property. Everything has to be perfectly clean, you have to be out of the home for at least an hour, and risk the danger of theft. Only serious buyers will want to view a listing they see in 3D.

Thank you to Lineage Brewery. You have a fantastic product. The beer is amazing and you should be very proud of the detail you put into your brewery.

Click the play button below or find the link if you are viewing from a mobile device to see for yourself. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about how the 3D camera brings Clintonville Real Estate to life.

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