Dependable Hot Shot Trucking Insurance

Dependable Hot Shot Trucking Insurance from OGG Equipment LLC

By: OGG Equipment LLC  11/19/2015
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When our trucks are on the road carrying precious cargo and expensive merchandise, there is the inevitable concern about insurance and coverage in the event of an accident along the way. OGG TRUCKING takes the safety and care of our loads very seriously because we know how important that peace of mind is to our customers. When you trust a hot shot trucking company like OGG Trucking to pickup and deliver your LTL freight, you expect a high degree of accountability. That’s why we have some of the most extensive insurance coverage in the industry, a detail that puts our clients and allies at ease.

Are LTL Freight Haulers Insured?

Any commercial trucking and transportation company is required by law to have certain liability insurance to cover the cost of any damages incurred to the loads we carry and the other drivers on the road. It’s our prerogative to insure our own equipment and, of course, we have everything covered. There are several insurance companies that specialized in hot shot trucking insurance, or what is often called expediter’s insurance, but any well-designed hotshot trucking insurance policy will include the following important criteria;

Comprehensive Coverage

This includes protection against things like theft, vandalism, environmental, fire, and other uncontrollable causes of loss.

Collision Coverage

The protection necessary to cover your cargo and our equipment in the unfortunate instance of a highway collision, rollover, or impact.

Loading & Unloading

We make sure to have coverage for your cargo while it’s being loaded into our possession and unloaded back into yours. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Pollution Coverage

Ogg Equipment & Trucking makes every effort to reduce carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency in our fleet, however we maintain insurance for any environmental pollution caused by our trucks or the cargo we haul.


It’s always nice to have some coverage for the loss of revenue that we incur when one of our trucks is down. This often extends to customer cargo in the event that a shipment is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances on the road. (*Ask our hot shot dispatcher about whether this applies to your shipment before you book.)

Family & Medical

Our drivers and staff make what we do for customers possible and taking care of them is a top priority in our organization.

Trusted Hot Shot Haulers

It’s important for you to feel comfortable with the LTL Freight Hauler you entrust with your cargo. Earning that trust is our main priority and invite you and your team to contact our offices at any time to inquire about our insurance, liability, and service guarantees.

Keywords: Hot Shot Courier

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