Theraputic Massage

Theraputic Massage from MyoFit Clinic

By: MyoFit Clinic  03/07/2015
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Massage: At Myofit Clinic, massage therapy is administered by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant or a licensed massage therapist. All forms of massage therapy are delivered in clean, comfortable and private therapy rooms. Your modesty and comfort are our top priority. The benefits of massage have been cited in history for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Egyptian and Greek writings all cite references to benefits of massage in their historical records. There are many different techniques that encompass massage therapy, but in general the therapist presses, rubs and mobilizes the muscles and soft tissues of the body. Therefore, it is essential that the therapist have an extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, including a great understanding of muscles and surrounding tissues. MyoFit Clinic’s Doctor of Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist Assistant and massage therapist are all state licensed and have completed rigorous and extensive training to provide theses services to our community.

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