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By: The Remedy Integrative Wellness  11/16/2014
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Yoga as therapy is combining modern day anatomy, physiology & psychology with the ancient yoga practice of strengthening the body & mind as one. In conjunction with modern medicine, it can help overcome many physical ailments and one of the chief factors undermining health today: an out-of-balance stress-response system. Here are just a few of the proven benefits of yoga and therapy: lower blood pressure, increased bone strength & joint mobility, pain relief, improved immune system, cardiovascular conditioning, reduced stress, psychological well being, improved balance, reduced weight and much more. What is Reiki? Reiki healing is a Japanese therapy that promotes deep relaxation and balance within our whole energy system, mind & body. This hands-on technique is gentle & safe and practiced in hospitals and clinics worldwide. Reiki therapy breaks down energetic blockages, clearing and balancing the energy centers and pathways. This in turn stimulates and accelerates the body’s natural healing system so pain relief and physical healing can occur quite easily. When energy is high and flowing freely throughout the body, we feel healthy, strong and ready to take on life’s challenges! Reiki Treatment benefits: *Stimulates Immune System *Stress Reduction *Increases Energy *Relieves Pain *Improves Symptoms of Various Health Conditions *Promotes Health & Well Being *Boost Creativity & Thought Clarity Urban Zen uses Eastern healing techniques that support Western medicine in a holistic approach to patient care. It combines yoga therapy , Reiki and essential oil therapy to combat the symptoms of Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Nausea, Constipation and Exhaustion. It can be done in hospitals, clinics or my private office. In home visits are available for an addition travel fee. Yoga therapy is light movement in the bed or chair to help increase circulation, decrease swelling and stretch tight muscles. Combined with breath awareness and body scanning meditations, it is a very powerful tool for recovery. Reiki is a light touch energy therapy that promotes deep relaxation and healing. Most patients fall asleep before the session is over. Essential oils are placed on cotton pads by the patient for inhalation. They have very therapeutic benefits such as relieving pain, nausea, & anxiety, lifting the spirits and calming down the nervous system. Discovering essential oils has changed my life! I use them everyday in my personal and professional life for pain, stress, illness, cleaning and more. And they smell amazing! I use only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils from doTerra, which are also used in over 50 hospitals across the United States. Start your journey into wellness by purchasing oils on my online doTerra web page.

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