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By: EXPAND  11/16/2014
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BLOGGING CONTENT Why Blog? The real question should be why aren’t you blogging? Create a low cost marketing channel to promote brand awareness. Improve the visibility of your products and services. Enhance your identity and improve customer interaction. Not to mention, gain the benefits of Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content. SOCIAL MEDIA Two-Way Communication Before the world of social media, advertising was a one-way street. Social media has given individuals the power to engage with a limitless global audience. What does this mean for your brand? You now have the ability to cultivate a permissive environment of like-minded people. And the best part is…you can talk back. Build relationships with your customers. Provide content that connects. Share your story and engage with your target consumers on the platforms they are already using. CREATIVE ADS No One Buys Boring An advertisement must give your audience a reason to want you. The right language matched with the right visual is a very powerful tool. We create ads for your brand to utilize online and off. Be intriguing. Make people wonder. Give your audience something to talk about. COPYWRITING The Language of YOUR Brand Our crazy team of creative copywriters knows what they’re doing. They transform your most abstract ideas into tangible assets. They’re master persuaders who analyze and study the trends, lifestyles and attitudes of your audience.

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Video Production

Expand YOUR Brand Consulting is dedicated to developing video content that helps your brand connect with its target audience.


IntuiTRACK - Digital Advertising

Put YOUR brand on the fast track with IntuiTRACK. Introducing IntuiTRACK. A programmatic digital advertising software that targets the right person with the right ad in real-time, all the time. It understands your consumers, and more importantly, the way they think. It never forgets and is always learning. Dead-on precision impacts your consumer at the time of purchase, driving higher conversion rates than you ever dreamed possible.


Brand Development

Developing a brand is key to connecting with your audience. We are brand evangelists and love helping companies find the right message with the right visuals to impact their connection to their target audience.

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Social Media

Connecting with your customer is one of the most important things a company needs to do in the 21st century. Expand YOUR Brand Consulting, helps brands increase their awareness in the social media arena by developing compelling content that connects.