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By: Expand Your Brand Consulting  11/16/2014
Keywords: Mobile Marketing, Creative Advertising, Digital Signage

DEMOGRAPHIC TARGETING Be Efficient. Think Like the Consumer. What type of consumer does your brand appeal to the most? IntuiTRACK targets online consumers by gender, race, income, education, home ownership…you name it. Make the most of your brand (and the most of your potential profits) by directing your content toward the RIGHT people. BEHAVIORAL TARGETING Intuitive Forecasting Ever wonder why the ads you see while surfing the web are mysteriously relevant to your life? It’s not a coincidence. Behavioral Targeting is a technique that maximizes the effectiveness of the ads placed in front of your potential customers. Relevant ads are triggered based on cues and actions in online behavior. IntuiTRACK knows what music you like, what brands you wear, what you search on the web and much, much more. GEOTARGETING Don’t Give Out the Wrong Directions Location is crucial for consideration when deciding where to place an ad for your business. You wouldn’t place an ad for a doughnut shop located in Beaverton, OR in Cedar Rapids, Iowa right? IntuiTRACK will make sure your digital ads are placed where the right people (your potential customers), will see them. Geographically market to your current audience or choose to branch out and attract a new group based on their geographic location. RETARGETING Be Noticed It’s a reality that cannot and should not be overlooked; this reality being that most of your potential customers will not become your actual customers (let alone notice your ads) the very first time they are exposed to them online. In fact, roughly only 2% do. That’s why we employ retargeting as a strategy to reach the remaining 98% and keep your brand fresh in their minds. CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING Be Relevant Contextual advertising has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of paid web marketing campaigns, as the quality of each lead is often higher. With IntuiTRACK technology, you’ll have the power to place relevant advertisements on web pages similar to your brand’s promoted products or services. The likelihood of your ad appealing to the searcher increases.

Keywords: Creative Advertising, Digital Advertising, Digital Signage, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Programmatic Advertising

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