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By: Loving Kindness Hypnosis  08/23/2016
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- How many diets have you tried? A lot I bet. Losing weight is the easier piece of the problem. Now keeping it off is where the rubber hits the road. I am offering you a new way to think about food. A strategy that is about looking at the core issue. Learning to think of food as nourishment rather than the go-to for distracting from uncomfortable feelings. Overeating is a symptom of the problem, a habit, maybe a long time habit but a habit none the less. I am offering you a chance to find out why you keep eating, even when you are no longer hungry, why you have habituated this behavior. - Change Your Relationship with Food! : I use a well-researched and proven strategy that works on the symptom as well as the core problem. I have the most advanced, up to date hypnosis training in the 5-Path ® process. Using this system will make the difference in your having a positive outcome. I will work with you to identify the core issue that led to this overeating behavior. Together we will identify where in your body you feel hunger and where in your body you are feeling other feelings, anxiety, fear, loneliness, etc., and what you can do about these feelings rather than eat. You already know that eating doesn’t make you feel less anxious or less lonely. Diets don’t work and they are not healthy. They encourage yo-yo behavior, now I’m slim, now I’m not. The problem is that you never learn why you are using food as a distractor, so you don’t change the source of the problem, you just work on the symptom which insures you will gain the weight back. Some diets even have their own food. So what happens when you start eating real food again? You already know the answer that’s why you have so many different size pants in your closet. Let’s work together to stop this. It is tiring and defeating. You have tried so many ways to get off this merry-go-around you are probably pretty depressed about it and are no longer sure you can really be the healthy weight you want to be. Hypnosis Works! You have to work it. I am not promising you a magic bullet but I am promising if you do the work I can help you to enjoy the process so you feel really good about what you are doing for yourself. You will be motivated to continue to take back control of your eating so that you learn how to have a relationship with food that is appropriate and feels great. Ask yourself, how much ice cream do you need to eat so that you don’t feel lonely anymore? How about that bag of chips/cookies/chocolate you just finished? These habits can be eliminated. You will learn to identify what you are feeling and respond to those feelings appropriately. Once you do that you will become clearer about your needs and that clarity will help you to change your thoughts which will lead to a change in behavior which in turn will lead to a new reality for you. One in which you do not use food to feel better but rather you eat when you are hungry. Take a few minutes and identify what you are feeling before you eat. Identify where in your body you are feeling the feeling and if it isn’t in your stomach don’t eat. Instead figure out what you are feeling and think about what you can do about that feeling. Remember, only eat when you feel hungry and remember the hunger feeling is only in your stomach. Give me a call. I can help you to be a slimmer, healthier, happier you for the rest of your life, if that is what you want. 503-289-3614 Weight loss sessions are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Ask your medical and/or Insurance provider for more details. Loving Kindness Hypnosis Contact Laney 811 NW 20th Ave. Portland, OR 97209 503-289-3614 [email protected] http://lovingkindnesshypnosis.com/

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