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By: Natures Odor & Germ Control / dba NOGC  06/25/2016
Keywords: Pet Stain Removal, Odor Control, Pet Odor Removal

Christy Mansur – 09/21/2015: Comments*: All of these products are amazing! BOSS gets rid of any and all stains and odors in carpet, cars, athletic equipment etc… It even took mildew off of my parents Vinyl siding. The combination of BOSS and Germ Doc keep my Dog breeding business running smooth since I can easily clean up messes and keep things sterilized! I can’t recommend these products enough!! They are the BEST!! What product have you tried?: Everything but critter litter and hunters edge What is your favorite NOGC Product or Products: B.O.S.S., Germ Doc & Natures Air Christy M

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