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Pavers and Patios from Tellurian Gardens

By: Tellurian Gardens  01/14/2016
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Some of the more popular landscaping designs require the use of pavers in order to create patios, walkways, and other hardscape design elements. The reason for their popularity comes from the large number of colors and patterns that you can find. Of course, concrete offers the same breadth of choice, however pavers offer additional benefits over concrete. First and foremost, they require less maintenance than concrete. The main reason behind this is that broken or otherwise damaged pieces can be replaced easily. They are also generally less expensive to install and are more flexible when it comes to design schematics. In addition, many people consider the patterns and textures that can be achieved using pavers much more aesthetically pleasing than concrete. One of the things that makes pavers so attractive to many homeowners is the relative ease in which they can be installed. Smaller projects can be tackled by DIY homeowners over a weekend. However, larger projects should be handled by more experienced professionals to ensure a uniform look. The professionals at Tellurian Gardens have the experience and skills necessary to provide you with quality hardscaping services using pavers to create the perfect outdoor areas for your home. The pavers used in their services only come from local suppliers so you know that you will always be supporting local businesses. In order to ensure that your paver outdoor element is properly installed, the professionals at Tellurian gardens will create the proper base with crushed gravel to ensure proper support of the pavers and to maintain level after many years of traffic. In addition, we always install a fine layer of sand between the gravel and pavers to ensure a perfectly level surface. And lastly, we use an edge restraint system that ensures that your pavers will not spread over time, keeping your outdoor areas looking great year after year. For more information on the services provided by Tellurian Gardens, please visit

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