By: Sherwood Family Law  08/14/2014
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No matter which situation you are in above, there are things you need to do at the start of any divorce action that are extremely important. The results of a divorce can have permanent and lasting consequences. You need to handle this right the first time. Often there are no second chances with certain aspects of your divorce.

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Spousal Support

When getting divorced, many spouses qualify for spousal support. We help you get the support you deserve.


Child Support

We help people obtain child support awards.



We offer telephone consultations.



Generally, to qualify for a modification on any matter, the party requesting it needs to show there has been a change in circumstance since the last court order or judgment was entered. Depending on the type of modification (support, custody, parenting time), the degree of change is measured differently. The best way for our office to help you determine whether a Judgment can be modified is to schedule a consultation.


Child Custody

Every parenting situation is different, and the laws regarding these issues can be complex and overwhelming. This is why having an attorney advise you on how to proceed is important. You want to make sure the court makes a custody determination that is in the best interest of your children.