AGIS Offers Expanded Line of High Temperature Pipe and Pipe Flange Gaskets

AGIS Offers Expanded Line of High Temperature Pipe and Pipe Flange Gaskets from AGIS, LLC

By: AGIS, LLC  02/24/2015
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An expanded line of high temperature pipe and pipe flange gaskets, custom manufactured from compressed fiber, PTFE, graphite and other heat-resistant materials, is offered for high-temperature sealing applications by AGIS, LLC, suburban Philadelphia manufacturer/distributor of high temperature industrial sealing products. AGIS pipe gaskets are employed by a wide variety of industries, including chemical processing, petroleum, waste/water treatment, steel & mining, food processing, boiler, steam, plant maintenance, power generation, metals/heat treating, transportation and marine, pulp & paper manufacturing, to name a few. The company’s pipe gasket line includes: -AGIS compressed synthetic fiber pipe flange gaskets, which feature nitrile rubber-bonded synthetic fibers of high chemical stability, heat resistance and superior creep resistance at high temperatures. Other properties include performance in service conditions to 750° F and 1450 PSI (300 PSI saturated steam pressure). -PTFE envelope pipe flange gaskets, manufactured with a slit-type PTFE envelope protective covering, which imparts the mechanical strength, resilience and bolt load retention of compressed sheet together with the chemical resistance of PTFE. Maximum service temperature: 550° F. Because PTFE is impervious to virtually all corrosives and exhibits a low coefficient of friction. -McDonnell & Miller pipe gaskets, manufactured from AGIS' 1/32" thick compressed sheet. The sheet itself is nitrile rubber-bonded, manufactured with synthetic fibers of high chemical stability and heat resistance, exhibits superior creep resistance at high temperatures, has a 750°F temperature limit, 1450 psi, 300 psi saturated steam pressure and a tensile strength of 2200 psi -Metal spiral-wound pipe gaskets, manufactured with layers of preformed 304SS metal strip (for mechanical resistance) and intermittent layers of soft filler material (for resiliency). Fillers available include Grafoil® flexible graphite, PTFE and Monel® / Rated to 999 PSI (1999 PSI available) and temps to 1000° AGIS spiral-wound gaskets exhibit good recovery and good tolerance for flange-surface finish irregularities. They have been typically used for high pressure applications, such as boilers, where pressures exceed non-metallic gasket capabilities; heat exchangers with center webs For information, prices or samples, contact AGIS, LLC, 16 Poplar St., Ambler, PA 19002. PH: 215-646-8010; FAX: 215-646-8013; E-MAIL: [email protected]; Web:

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