David Shulick : Breaking Down the ADEA

By: David Shulick Lawyer  09/04/2015
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Attorney David Shulick knows that when it comes to employees being discriminated upon the basis of their age, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act is the law most applicable to building a case. The ADEA was constructed in 1967 in order to protect workers over the age of 40 and ensure that they do not become victims of discrimination by their bosses or co-workers. Like many other significant acts that dictate employment law, the ADEA had multiple amendments that came from new cases arising where circumstances have evolved and new issues had to be addressed. In 1989 the case of Ohio v. Betts became one of those pivotal cases that addressed an issue that had yet to receive legislative review: protecting the benefits of older workers. In the outcome of this case, the judged upheld that the ADEA should be amended to include specific protections for the benefits of older workers. The amendment was titled the Older Workers Protection Act. It was put into place to ensure that older workers received, at minimum, the same benefits that younger workers receive. @ https://davidshulick.wordpress.com/2015/08/20/david-shulick-breaking-down-the-adea/

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