Magic Lantern Shows Debut

Magic Lantern Shows Debut from The Amish Experience

By: The Amish Experience  01/13/2015
Keywords: Theater, Show, Victorian

Before the Movies…. Travel back over 100 years to a time “before the movies,” when the spell-binding drama and humor of the Showman and the spectacular projected images from his “Magic Lantern Show” dazzled audiences across America. The stunning brass triple-lantern, glorious hand-painted illustrations, a giant screen, the showman’s legendary story-telling skills, rousing music and sing-alongs, dazzling 19th century "special effects"—all combine to create this spell-binding entertainment of the Victorian age. The Only Permanent Magic Lantern Theater in the World Magic Lantern shows are a re-creation of the performances of the late 1800’s, when literally thousands of Magic Lantern Showmen traveled from town to town with unforgettable productions that both educated and entertained, shows that were indeed the equivalent to our modern movies. These very special Magic Lantern Shows were almost lost in the sands of time, but now you can experience them at the only permanent magic lantern theater of its kind in the world, through a collaboration of The American Magic-Lantern Theater and The Amish Experience. A Unique Entertainment Experience... With original antique hand-painted pictures on glass, combined with widely-recognized stories, the Showman interacts with his audience, bringing multiple characters and voices to life, magically manipulating artistic images against a backdrop of music, sound effects, and sing-alongs. Then as now, spectators loved special effects. The rare triple lantern (an authentic Victorian wonder) will amaze one and all with its unusual visual effects. The spectacular lantern projects stunning images using tank slides, dissolves, chromatropes, and other unexpected mechanical "tricks" seldom seen in the 21st Century. Audiences today experience both surprise and enchantment, just as they did over 100 years ago.

Keywords: Show, Theater, Victorian