By: D-Bug Pest Control  01/19/2015
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Termites are pests that are said to cause the most damage. By the time termites are spotted, the damage could have already been done so it is necessary to take steps to ensure your home is protected. You can call or email D-Bug Pest Control to schedule an appointment if you think you have termites in your home.

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Other products and services from D-Bug Pest Control


Bed Bug Covers

A bed bug mattress cover can help minimize bed bug infestations by trapping them inside furniture or bed encasements. Since bed bugs cannot penetrate the encasement, they will not be able to survive or breed outside the mattress cover. D-Bug Pest Control offers bed bug covers at competitive prices to remedy the bed bug problem effectively.


Pest Control

D-Bug Pest Control provides general pest control services to lessen and eliminate any pests from your home. We use a wide variety of techniques to alleviate any pest problem effectively. The service controls bugs, rodents and even wildlife both inside your house as well as outside in a stress free manner. Give us a call or email us to schedule an appointment so that we can get the service started immediately.



Thermal, acoustical, pest control insulation provides two benefits to homeowners: It controls bugs and saves heating and cooling bills. The process of providing T-A-P Insulation is environmental friendly and is made mostly from recycled newspapers.


Wild Life Control

There are several wild animals which can cause a lot of damage in addition to being really annoying. D-Bug Pest Control offers services to safely remove such creatures away from your property as well as provide a number of options to ensure they don’t return.


Total Home Protection Plan

The total home protection plan starts off with an evaluation and assessment of the internal housing space to address any existing pests. After that, there is a one year outside service to exterminate and prevent pests from entering your home and bothering you.