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By: Phila-Locksmith  06/13/2014
Keywords: Locksmith, Police, eviction

Two big news stories involving locksmiths had major updates recently and Phila-Locksmith is here to bring those updates to you. Just outside of Atlanta, a disagreement spurred from a customer who refused to pay a locksmith, following a short chase the locksmith was involved in a hit and run that injured two initially and killed a third. It is reported that one of the two injured teenagers also passed away as a result of those injuries, raising the death toll to two. In Lancaster County, Nebraska, a man was killed by police during an eviction with a locksmith nearly getting caught in the crossfire. When this story was initially brought to light it was reported that the man being evicted fired first, before being killed by police. Upon further investigation, police determined that the shotgun the man held was unloaded, and that it would have been impossible for him to fire first. The police commander still believes that the officers who fired on the man were in the right and although it was an unfortunate incident there was no wrong doing on the police officers' side. A grand jury will determine if the use of deadly force was necessary. You can find more about these stories on our blog: https://philalocksmith.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/stolen-locksmith-tools-recovered/

Keywords: eviction, Locksmith, Police

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