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Traditional thinking is that the pain-relieving mechanism of action of menthol - the active ingredient in Biofreeze Pain Reliever - results from a counter-irritant effect. Simply put, a counter-irritant has an effect of overriding noxious pain signals traveling to the brain through a process modulated between pain-transmitting and non-pain transmitting neurons. This process, known as "gate control" or "gating," was first described by Melzak and Wall.


Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Melissa Moyer provides comprehensive chiropractic treatment to her patients. Her individual treatment plans may include manipulation of the spine and extremities, massage, specific exercise prescription, rehabilitation therapies, and/or nutritional advice to patients in the Centre Region of Pennsylvania. Dr. Moyer has over 35 years of experience teaching and providing care to patients. Much of this time was while serving as an Athletic Trainer, Certified, with Penn State Sports camps, Willia