By: CeeLlite Technologies  04/10/2014
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CEELITE TECHNOLOGIES INTRODUCES ILLUMASTRIP™ LED PRODUCT LINE High quality and savings are key features to commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions VILLANOVA, PA (March 4, 2014) – CeeLite Technologies has announced the introduction of its ILLUMASTRIP™ brand of LED commercial and industrial lighting products, already available to the marketplace for general illumination applications. ILLUMASTRIP™ products are the highest quality, affordable alternatives to LED tubes and fragile fluorescent tubes for standard fixtures such as Strips, Vapor Tights and Troffers. ILLUMASTRIP™ products are easy to install in existing or new fixtures and reduce energy usage by 50-75% while offering ROI’s under three years for most retrofits of general lighting installations like offices, corridors, stairwells and parking garages. “Bringing an innovative LED product to market like ILLUMASTRIP™ further validates our mission at CeeLite in becoming a technology leader in the general lighting sector,” said Jerry Frazee, President and Chief Operating Officer of CeeLite Technologies. “Our customers have already proven the value of ILLUMASTRIP™ products as we have completed several key installations.” ILLUMASTRIP™ LED products are easy to use in standard fixtures such as Troffers, Strips and Vapor Tights for new construction or retrofit installations. Since the driver is pre-mounted to the ILLUMASTRIP™ products, one simply removes the existing fluorescent tubes, strip cover or gear tray then inserts the ILLUMASTRIP™ product into the existing fixture for retrofits. ILLUMASTRIP™ products come in standard or high output options, three CCT choices and are available in various sizes for standard fixture lengths and widths. ILLUMASTRIP™ products feature an innovative design, maximize heat reduction and enable fast, simple installation. High quality, solid state components are flicker free and increase light quality and output while still maintaining up to 75 percent reduction compared to fluorescent and halide lamps. The sturdy construction greatly reduces breakage. “We’ve put a lot of effort in answering customer needs in key areas like heat management, fragility and ease of installation, all of which contribute to cost savings through lower energy usage and labor,” said Frazee. “ILLUMASTRIP™ products offer more than the LED tube products flooding the market place.” All ILLUMASTRIP™ products feature a Five Year Limited Warranty. For more information on ILLUMASTRIP™ products, as well as technical specifications, visit www.CeeLite.com. ### About CeeLite Technologies, LLC Headquartered in Villanova, PA, CeeLite Technologies, LLC is an emerging clean technology growth company. CeeLite Technologies’ first product to market was the flat, flexible and energy efficient Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) panel which received a Best Invention award by Time magazine as well as many prestigious industry awards. In 2013, CeeLite acquired FlatLight Technologies, a manufacturer of the most cost-effective, highest-quality LED lighting in the marketplace (ILLUMASTRIP™). ILLUMASTRIP™ LED technology reduces lighting electricity costs by 50 – 75% and offers ROI’s under three years and IRR’s over 40% for most retrofits. In 2015, CeeLite is currently targeting a launch of a stunning new technology that has the potential to alter the landscape of lighting worldwide with flexible design possibilities and high energy efficiencies. Field-Induced Polymer Electroluminescent Light (FIPEL™) technology is applicable to all general lighting needs with unique design capabilities based on a flexible format that is a key area of research. The FIPEL™ panels envisioned for the future will be comprised of light-emitting polymer layers that glow when charged with an electrical current and will offer an overall price advantage versus conventional LED’s. For additional information, please visit the CeeLite Technologies website at www.CeeLite.com.

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