Psychic Readings

By:  12/20/2014
Keywords: Spiritual Healing, Psychic Readings, Psychic Medium

My goal is to provide evidential readings wherein I receive meaningful information and messages through visions, sounds, sensations, and psychometry (reading objects). I want to provide clients with the comfort, closure, happiness, and enlightenment that they seek. Before each psychic reading, I spend an hour or more meditating to reach a relaxed state, ground myself then open my chakras to raise my energy level. Afterward, I call upon my spirit guides to share information or connect me to spirits related to my next client - whether I know their name or not. The messages I receive in my preliminary meditation can provide enough information to last an entire reading or at least give me a good starting point. The cost for a psychic reading ranges from $20 to $60 (basically $20 per half an hour).

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