Custom Dunnage Packaging

Custom Dunnage Packaging from packIQ

By: packIQ  07/21/2015
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PackIQ offers several types of dunnage and interior packaging solutions for protecting contact surface, preventing cargos from dislocation, decreasing shocks during navigation, and for preventing damage. All of our dunnage products are designed with the high-quality, cost-effective solutions in mind, and can be customized to the features you need including: material, size, color, shape, and weight. packIQ’s dunnage is custom designed and constructed, using a variety of traditional materials including: • Foam Dunnage • Corrugated Fiberboard • Molded Plastics • Corrugated Plastic • Sewn Bags • Vacuum Formed Trays

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Material Handling Racks from packIQ thumbnail

Material Handling Racks

Our material handling racks have been used as shipping, storage, and material handling solutions for electronics manufacturers, the US military, aerospace manufacturers, and energy equipment companies.

Automotive Packaging Solutions from packIQ thumbnail

Automotive Packaging Solutions

No matter what your shape or size need we can provide custom automotive packaging based on your product requirements; small or large, light or heavy components, robust or delicate and even sculpted Class A surface items will be protected by our superior casement.

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Shipping Totes

Whether you require containers or storage systems for commercial or industrial use, packIQ offers top quality material handling products available in many designs, including grid divider containers, stack and nest totes, and straight wall containers.

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Military Shipping Crates

The Clip-LokTM shipping crates are designed and built to meet specialized military requirements, optimize packaging, and reduce logistics costs.

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Returnable Steel Shipping Racks

Returnable steel racking services that reduce cost and increase your competitive advantage.

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Custom Wood Shipping Crates

packIQ provides custom wood crates manufactured for all of your shipping and storage needs.

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Reusable Shipping Crates

Reusable, collapsible plywood crates, tailor-made for every cargo.

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Packaging Management

packIQ provides packaging design, packaging management, custom shipping crates, steel racks, container wash and repair services, crates, automotive packaging services, custom wood crates, returnable steel racks, bulk containers and totes, and custom dunnage.

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Steel Shipping Racks

packIQ provides a suite of returnable racking services that reduce cost and increase your competitive advantage

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Automotive Parts Packaging

Our expert knowledge in packaging for material handling, shipping, and storage saves you time and money.


Collapsible Shipping Crates

Clip-Lok crates are suitable for transporting all types of products, no matter how large, fragile or heavy.

Automotive Shipping Racks from packIQ thumbnail

Automotive Shipping Racks

packIQ was founded back in 2000 supplying packaging solutions to the Automotive industry. We currently maintain a customer base that