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Pet Sitting

A professional pet sitter will visit your pet s in their home to give them personalized attention and maintain their daily routine. Your pet sitter can even administer medication if needed. Each visit is 20-30 minutes for cats and 30 minutes minimum for dogs. Your pet sitter can visit 1-4 times per day depending on your pet’s particular needs. In addition to looking after your pet’s needs, we also provide added home security by bringing in mail and newspapers, alternating lights, raising and

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Pet Transport

xperience our Door-to-Door Difference There's no doubt about it: Moving is stressful work. At The Dog House , we understand this, which is why we offer superior customer service to create a stress-free experience for your pet relocation. We know there's a lot on your mind when moving to a new city or country - and we believe your pet's move should be one less thing to worry about.

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Since as far as we can tell, dogs and people speak different languages, our training programs teach Pet Parents the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate with their pets — managing issues such as pets jumping, barking uncontrollably, pulling on the leash, getting on furniture, or not obeying obedience commands. Our professional trainer have trained thousands of dogs over the years, so you can be assured that they have the experience and skill your dog training situation requires. A

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Pet Boarding

Boarding at The Dog House is a healthy and safe alternative to leaving your dog home alone while your out of town. We will have 40 Spacious 6ftx6ft kennels with a 8ftx6ft run and 20 8ftx8ft kennels with 8ftx8ft runs to fulfill your pups needs. The kennels are climate controlled and your pet will get plenty of love and attention. You can chose to have your dog participate in our DayCamp program for $12.00 extra per day for any of the days you choose. The Dog House takes care to provide our pet f

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Pet Grooming

Whether you’re a Lab that needs a bath and trim, a Poodle who needs a style and groom, or even a Siamese cat — we all still like to look and smell our best. That’s why I helped design the Spa at The Dog House with an array of special pet grooming services so any pup or feline can feel on top of the world, even if we just wanna play in the backyard.