hCG Diet Protocol - Medical Weight Loss

hCG Diet Protocol - Medical Weight Loss from Skinny Me

By: Skinny Me  11/13/2015
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The hCG Diet was first introduced by Dr. Simeons who wrote the original Pounds and Inches protocol over 55 years ago. Clinical observation and medical research have continually shown the hCG medical weight loss diet to be successful and effective when followed properly. This is not a fad diet… this is a medically supervised program with a prescribed hormone therapy which induces weight loss when followed correctly. Dr. Simeons protocol consists of 42 days of hCG administration along with a VLCD (very low calorie diet). His original list of foods was very limited but now with new research we are proud to provide a wider selection of healthy food choices. The foods include lobster, shrimp, whitefish, sirloin, poultry, large variety of vegetables, limited fruits, yogurt, and even pretzels! In six weeks, Skinny Me’s unique meal plan, in conjunction with administration of the hCG hormone, promotes significant weight loss. Most patients experience very little hunger, which is usually not associated with a low calorie diet. The therapeutic treatment of hCG hormone, in regards to weight loss, is to flood not burn your reserved fat stores. This triggers a hormonal sequence of events, which culminates in the flooding of 1,500-4,000 fat calories into the bloodstream. Typical weight loss is 20-35 pounds for women and 30-55 pounds for men. Dr. Simeons’ protocol has proven to be safe and effective when done correctly. The hormone is prescribed daily, without an appetite suppressant. If a weight loss clinic offers an hCG diet plan not in this fashion it is considered a calorie based diet not a true hCG hormonal therapy at all! So do not be fooled. Maintenance is the most important part of the program. Proper execution of the 21 day maintenance plan will assist in years of keeping the weight off. This is accomplished by the help of the hypothalamus gland resetting to the higher metabolism, lower hunger threshold and new eating habits. The Skinny Me staff will teach you the steps to reset your hypothalamus which will maintain your new lower set body weight. Read our FAQ on our website.

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