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RTB & Retargeting Marketing from 360 IM Team

By: 360 IM Team  12/03/2015
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Did you know that most business online are like a revolving doors. What? That’s right a revolving doors. Your have online store front (called your website) and you spend all your time and money to try and get people to your store. But when they get there you just let them walk away – never to see them again. Why? On average people spend less than 5 seconds on web site. It takes on average 7 exposures to your business before people will buy from you. How are you going to get in front of people 7 times? That’s where retargeting comes in. We take that 5 second visit to your web site and tag that visitor. Now, everytime they are check their email (there’s your ad), when they are looking at post about funny cats on facebook (there’s your ad), how about looking up directions to a restaurant (yep there’s your ad). In very short time they have an idea to give you a call or stop by your store on the way home from work. Big Data Marketing (Real Time Bidding – RTB) is the most exciting development to sweep across the digital landscape. Forrester projects that RTB will ulitmately capture the bulk of all digital advertising spending. Every small to mid-size business needs to understand this emerging marketing technology and how it will impact thier future marketing efforts. Until now big data was only available to large corporation with marketing budgets of $100K or more a month. Today small and mid-size businesses can access the same big data for 1/10th the cost.

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