Relevant Contacts – Enterprise DaaS Platform

By: SMARTe Inc.  06/30/2016
Keywords: Real-time Database, better data match, Relevancy Scoring,

SMARTe is in the business of turning data into insight and have noticed that marketers still face a lot of challenges around data. According to a recent survey, about 80% of data is unstructured and also decays at a high rate. So marketers tend to end up with hardly 20% of what’s out there. This drives them to constantly innovate and find new ways to deal with such problems. “With RC turn your unstructured contact data to clean, validated, parsed, normalized and segmented” with Relevant Contacts. Relevant Contacts is a cloud based platform wherein users’ can search and download by niche industry keywords to target exact industry segment as per their criteria. It aspires to make contact data management hassle free through unique features like real-time data, relevancy scoring – hyper-segmentation, robust level/function hierarchy, social intelligence insights, analytics and many more. By harnessing the Big Data/ Data Science world, Relevant Contacts collates contact and company information from all over the web. Once done, it applies 1000+ data/process rules to build a robust and accurate repository of context-rich, clean, normalized and deduped data. With this strategic launch of ‘Relevant Contacts’, SMARTe’s customers can now further streamline their data needs through a self-service model, resulting in high accurate data with much better match rate and greater insights to their required information. This cloud solution will be available in five different subscription models to suit diverse data needs from start-ups to large enterprises.

Keywords: better data match, Real-time Database, Relevancy Scoring,

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Account Based Marketing - ABM

This is where we can help! Through our new revolutionary and game changing Enterprise DaaS platform – Relevant Contacts (RC), you can deploy a comprehensive approach to augment your ABM strategy.


Sales Intelligence solution

SMARTe’s Sales Intelligence solution can identify the ‘low hanging’ opportunities through Sales Triggers, relevancy and statistical modeling. SMARTe deploys next generation ‘Focused Web Crawling Technologies‘ to compile relevant trigger event information around the globe.


Marketing Intelligence

SMARTe brings to you InfoGenie to provide one-stop solution for all your marketing intelligence needs. Our data and insights are contextual making them highly actionable as marketing campaigns. Ours is an exciting way of knowing about your competitors, customers and also customers of your competitors.


Database appending services

SMARTe’s Sanitizer is all about cleaning and enriching your contact data to smoothen your sales and marketing process. Our Data Append Services can help you in various ways like we can enrich your event database, verify refresh and augment your inbound leads and can also help you with cleansing/ enhancement of existing sales & marketing data.


Double opt-in database

SMARTe’s Consent is a smart way to gather opt-in data for your business. Digital Marketing communication specially through e-mail is governed by country/region specific regulations or Spam acts. Digital marketing communication are broadly categorized into Individual Business to Consumers (B2C) and Corporate Business to Business (B2B).


Ideal Prospect Profile List Building

Know your potential buyers, influencers and brand advocates better today to establish a long term relationship. To discover your target audience profile, you’ll need to prepare a clear ideal prospect picture.


On-demand Marketing Lists

SMARTe helps B2B companies build highly targeted, relevant, validated and accurate On-Demand contact lists.


Customized Contact List Building

SMARTe’s ContactGenie can help you run targeted marketing campaigns by providing a customized list of recipients, as per your business demands. You can classify and define specific industry customers and prospects and leave it to SMARTe’s team to provide you 100% accurate and phone validated contact database.


Database Cleansing

Data Cleansing is robust, methodical and systematic approach for contact database enrichment on a regular basis. SMARTe data cleansing services extract, de-dupe, standardize, analyze, validate and enrich contact data. Our team of domain experts shall validate all contact details to ensure they are most recent and complete.


Bespoke Contacts - First Cloud Based Custom Contact Data Platform

So subscribe to our Bespoke Contacts platform that will grow as your needs grow with hands-on control to your own dedicated web portal that will help you in managing your sales & marketing efficiency.


Data Audit Services

Our Data Audit services can help you in understanding the hygiene of your existent contact data. We cover entire gamut of marketing & sales data that is stored and managed through tools like marketing automation, email marketing or CRM systems.