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Chinese Silver Panda from Gold Goliath LLC.

By: Gold Goliath LLC.  11/13/2015
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Introduced in 1983 by the People’s Republic of China, the 2015 Chinese Silver Panda 1 oz coin is among the most sought after limited edition pure silver coins produced. The coin is minted every year by the sovereign Mint of China with its symbol of peace, the giant Panda. This coin is praised by investors and collectors alike as a must have for their collections. Seller Terms: Payment on cash purchases for precious metals can be completed the following ways: 1. For same day purchase we require bank wire. 2. Certified funds or personal checks are acceptable. We require a holds-funds period to assure good payment. Once payment is credited, your sales associate will contact you to lock in prices and place your order. Depending upon availability, most products are delivered within 7-10 days after lock in. Go to to view complete listing (with photos) and place your bid. Contact Ken Williams at 800 577 3195 or fax 931 487 8773 if you have specific questions pertaining to this listing.

Keywords: Chinese Silver Panda

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