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By: Maid Cleaning Nashville  01/14/2016
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I recently hired Maid Cleaning Nashville to scrub down my house before my family comes in for the holidays. The reason I booked this particular company was because their website is SUPER professional and incredibly convenient. On the website you go through a short form and put in information about your place (square footage, number of bedrooms, etc.). It then gives you a base price that is on the right side of your screen. You can then click on any extra services you want (do you want them to do some laundry? clean out your fridge? cabinets? pantry? oven?) and the price updates itself. Apparently they don't have different types of cleaning services, as they only do deep "spring cleaning" type cleans. I liked this actually, because with other places I looked at it's all based on hiring the cleaner for a certain number of hours. Honestly I have no idea how many hours it takes to clean my house. 2 hours? 4? 17? No idea. Luckily it doesn't really matter here - I guess they just clean it until it's clean. When you're done it takes you to their calendar where you schedule yourself for any open date and time they have. Then you leave any special instructions ("key will be in the mailbox" or whatever) then pay for it and that's it - it's done and scheduled. They do send a confirmation email and then a reminder email the day before. The cleaning itself was AMAZING! My house is literally sparkling and I know for a fact she must have spent ages on it. The attention to detail was incredibly impressive and I actually laughed out loud when I walked into my bathroom and saw the end of my toilet paper roll had been fashioned into some kind of origami flower. Amazing. Not kidding when I say my first 15 minutes home after work was spent walking around like an idiot, marvelling at how effing CLEAN my house was. Seriously though, EVERYTHING had been cleaned. I'm talking under the bed, between the sofa cushions, BEHIND THE STOVE (for real)! I wish I had taken some "before" photos. A couple hours later a guy from the company called me to make sure I liked it. Um, yes. I don't know why this place doesn't have other reviews - I think maybe they're a new business. That lack of reviews actually made me a little nervous when I first booked them, but I am really glad I hired them. Which is why I took the time to review it; I never review anything. I've already recommended them to a couple other people. Great business and I will definitely use them again. Jessie B. Nashville, TN

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