Easy Breather: Allergy Relief Herbal Formula

Easy Breather: Allergy Relief Herbal Formula from Herbalogic

By: Herbalogic  04/18/2014
Keywords: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Supplements, Chinese Herbs

In their search for an herbal allergy medicine that was safe and effective, traditional healers turned to the same herbs for allergies found in this herbal allergy remedy. Easy Breather was originally formulated to provide seasonal immune support for people with tree pollen allergies, especially pollen from mountain cedar and ashe juniper that causes "cedar fever" in Texas and the Southwest. But the same herbs that make it effective for tree pollen sufferers promote a healthy response to a wide range of environmental irritants Easy Breather from Herbalogic contains herbs for allergy support that promote: » normal breathing (day and night) » clear, bright eyes » healthy sinuses » open, healthy ears » clear-headedness and acute thinking » relief from minor throat irritation Use Easy Breather to support the body's immune system from the irritating effects of seasonal tree and plant pollen (cedar, juniper, oak, elm, pecan, birch, and others) and for sensitivity to airborne pollutants and particles (smog, exhaust, smoke, mold spores, fungal spores, vog); also provides excellent support for frequent air travelers who can be exposed to dry cabin air and other nasal irritants.

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