Care Coordination

By: MAP Health Management  10/04/2016

Completing treatment is a very critical juncture for someone suffering from addiction. Treatment for those who suffer from cancer, diabetes or any other chronic disease does not stop after roughly a month and it shouldn't be the case for those who suffer from the chronic disease of addiction. For outcomes to improve when treating this disease, the care continuum must be extended and the MAP Recovery Network Platform does exactly that. Data shows the probability of achieving and sustaining long-term recovery is greatly enhanced when post-treatment recovery support services are provided. MAP's care coordination software helps ensure your discharging clients receive the right care at the right time: Extend the value of treatment and expand access to recovery support services by coordinating your discharging clients with a licensed professional counselor in the MAP Recovery Network who will provide recovery support sessions via telehealth and keep your outcomes data intact. Receive Real-time Risk Assessment and Use Event Alerts from our care coordination software that facilitate intervention and readmission when appropriate. Grow your referral network. By the end of 2016, MAP will have added several thousand additional counselors to the MAP Recovery Network.

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